Socially Confident Kids is a fun, interactive and educational etiquette course for kids ages 6 to 12. The course instills confidence and respect through practicing social etiquette in a supportive and relaxed environment. Etiquette and manners for kids is not reserved solely for the upper class and elite, but is a skill that EVERY child, regardless of family income and ethnicity, should possess.

 Each child will learn skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives, as well as learn the reason behind every rule. Knowing how to behave in everyday situations, enables one to interact comfortably and confidently with others.

Social etiquette is more than knowing which fork to use. It is a tool that allots the opportunity to be comfortable in one’s own skin and encourages the respect, consideration and acceptance of others. Knowing the rules of the game in social situations builds friendships, self-esteem and harmony. It is through the little acts of kindness, cooperation, the words we use, the images we carry of ourselves that matter.


Socially Confident Kids proudly serves kids and parents throughout Southern California. Children’s etiquette classes will become available in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, La Canada-Flintridge, Santa Clarita and the entire Los Angeles County.



Dianeh O’Farrill comes from a long line of educators in personal development, including social protocol. Her family history consists of generations of educators who specialize in personal development, social etiquette, and finishing schools. Many members of the O’Farrill family have dedicated themselves to helping others to achieve personal and professional growth.


Dianeh is the granddaughter of Margarita O’Farrill, founder of the Margarita O’Farrill Charm School, with franchises in California and in Mexico. Dianeh O’Farrill experienced the important roles that acceptance and respect play in everyday life and realized that social skills go beyond the “rights” and “wrongs” in social interactions.


Experiencing first hand the magic behind manners and etiquette unleashed her desire to provide classes in which self-esteem, respect and overcoming shyness would be acquired.


Socially Confident Kids emerged from Miss Dee’s sincere commitment to stand for all kids to love who they are. Her classes are designed for the young public to honor others, practice appreciation, respect and courtesy in their everyday lives.


Dianeh O’Farrill has earned her Masters of Arts in Teaching and her Multiple Subject Bilingual Teaching Credential in 2009 from the University of Southern California, and taught at a public school in a highly sought after California immersion program.



Class Series Includes

The class series includes: – Social Etiquette: What is it and why is it important? – Table Settings – Table Manners: The Do’s and Don’ts – Body Language and Posture – First Impressions: Introductions, meeting and greeting – Communicate With Confidence: Speaking and listening skills – Telephone Etiquette – Please and Thank You (other etiquette topics may be requested as well)







Unfortunately, classes are not available at the moment. I am working on some new exciting events so please join my email list for announcements, or send me a message below for any other questions.

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